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I like that literally 95% of the Braum posts I’ve seen have either been




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Lets be real, this was the most important part of the podcast.

Thank u for making this even better

I cried a little. that’s the cutest thing.



team 5’5 and under where ya at

down here moron

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  ff meme[1/4] titles

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I've just decided that you're gonna get a free copy of Corona when it comes out friend. Maybe you'll do a let's play :P



Basically my reaction every time I see this has been this:


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Please, pass around so maybe Troops might benefit from the info. These pups are a life line for Our Troops and it kills them have to leave them behind. =(

1. For anyone who has a furry friend, pet/mascot they wish to rescue from Afghanistan, please send an email to: anna@ thepuppyrescuemission. org Please use the subject heading “Package”. All requests for rescues must go via this email address from your personal email. Thank You!

2. nowzad. com

3. spcai. org /baghdad-pups/requesting-help. html If you have questions concerning a dog or cat in Afghanistan, please contact us directly.

PLEASE, don’t delete the info to reblog just the pictures, I made this post to HELP OUR TROOPS find a way to bring home their combat buddies =/

All of these soldiers deserve to come home.

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thepunkestrockprinceofontario answered to your post “psst are any of my followers League of Legends players and not elitist…”

me maybe ill actually play

You should, you should! Wait, have you actually got an account set up and everything then? Because I have not heard wind of this yet. :D

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psst are any of my followers League of Legends players and not elitist jerks about it? because i am totally down for playing a few matches with people if they promise not to get mad at me and my friends for doing things that are fun or work for us even if they aren’t “standard process”. :)

oh, necessary thing to allow responses from y’all: ?

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